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Ballast Water Compliance Support System Education and Training

Based on our experience with shipboard water quality testing and use in ballast water treatment system development; Assure Controls understands that crews will be in unfamiliar territory, and that personnel changes on vessels are common. Starting with industry-based, crew-oriented, shipboard operational questions, we combined communication technologies and embedded contextual guidance to create a novel and engaging ballast water compliance management system which is both online (when at port) and onboard (when at sea).

Visit The Ballast Water Channel

Visit The Ballast Water Channel

Below is a 20 second clip of one of the many lesson plans that is unlocked with a subscription to The Ballast Water Channel.

The above ballast water training and education packages are your means to a “BW Compliance Support System”, providing online training, builds your documents and plans, and provides updates (these regulations have over 30 known changes anticipated in the first year). This provides you the means to these new requirements at the lowest cost, to instill them as standard operating practices, and ensuring readiness for any PSC inspection or document review.

Water Quality Assessment and Testing

The QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System is used for testing of contaminants and performing toxicity assessments. Employing the latest in optics, electronics and software computing, the QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System combines several components into a small laboratory instrument. The optical, mechanical and electronic measurement system, weigh approximately 10 lbs.

QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System uses patented and proven technology to measure light output from bioluminescent plankton. The changes in light output from these marine organisms provide an excellent indication of toxic effects due to chemical compounds, effluents, and contaminated sediments.

In nature, bioluminescent plankton emit a visible blue-green light when they experience a shear force in the ocean. This force is usually a change in direction or pressure of the surrounding water. The phenomenon is accurately induced in the QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System.

The total amount of light produced is captured, measured and recorded by the optics and electronics of the instrument. The measurements are stored in a data file that can be immediately viewed, reviewed as a historical file, or downloaded to a PC or storage device via USB connector.

QL200 Product Brochure 4 pg (PDF)

Purchase of each Cartridge includes the following items. All items are necessary to complete a single test.

– Carousel, 3×2 inches (1)
– Snap top cover (1)
– Optical grade, methyl acrylic cuvettes (6)
– 50 mL conical  mixing tube (1)
– 5 mL container of live cultures (P. lunula dinoflagellates)
– Commercial grade aquarium sea salt (for use with samples under 30 ppt)

Price upon request.

Technical Data Sheet- QwikLite Test Cartridge (PDF)

Items in the QwikLite Accessory Kit are necessary for conducting tests with the QwikLite Biosensor Systems. The accessory kit serves as a useful accompaniment to the test and allows for fast and reliable testing.

– Light cycle box and timer (1)
– Refractometer (1) for salinity adjustment
– Precision Pipette (1)
– Precision Pipette tips (50)- Additional sold separately

Price upon request.

Technical Data Sheet- QwikLite Accessory Kit (PDF)

The QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System uses optics and electronics for measuring predictable changes in the physiology of small marine plankton. A microprocessor based software system containing the user interface, operation and control of the instrument, communications, and data are stored on board and retrievable via USB connection to computer. Disposable, single use test kits contain pre-packaged research organisms