So it Began…

Today was the official start date. When we walked into our class met our teacher once again and each other. Kris Rolfson is our instructor. He is a tall man with an overly excited look on his face, along with super welcoming and inviting smile. He starts our day with an introduction, giving us a rundown of how he got to be standing in front of us. He then points to the board and shows us how he will start every morning. On the left side of the board you will see the plan for the day with the time next to it.

Then he jumps right into it with no hesitation. What is engineering? Anyone?
Kris gives us the quick lecture on intro to engineering.
Then he sets us to work right away. Pace is pretty fast you have to keep up.
We started with Google slide. Making one slide using only pictures to tell our classmates about ourselves
Then we did a few labs one being about intro to engineering, another about engineering jobs that are out there and which of those jobs we would like. Another was where we could find all the tools that we would need to complete our work. The last one that we did that got me soo excited was the wire stripping.
Wire stripping is the process of cutting back the plastic part on the wire and exposing the wires inside. We learned about the different types and prices of the tools out there that can be used to cut the plastic out. We were given a handout that had measurements of how much plastic we had to cut (stripping the wire). As you get to wires that have more than three layers the wires are thicker. Overall this was a great lab and great starting point.

We finished our first day with a bang.