Meet Betty and Baxter

We begin the day with talk about homework and what is expected.
Kris does not like to talk much. Kris what i call a do-er. He does not like to speak much. He stresses that, he rather we get our hands dirty than to have us hear him lecture. He gives us a quick lecture on math and then gives us a packet to work on as a team.
After the math he gives us something exciting. We not only got to meet Betty and Baxter, The robots that he has in class that I have been eyeing since I set foot into the class. We had to teach Betty and Baxter how to do some work. Which is called programming. I enjoyed this so much. It’s one thing to see and totally something else to do. While you are trying to teach Betty or Baxter how to do task you are not only having fun but you are learning.

After our robot lab we got to learn from Bryan.
The CEO and President of Assure controls. He came into class to teach us about his company.
Assure Controls is a product development and marketing company with specialized measurement and reporting expertise for commercial, and maritime environmental applications. Our patented technologies provide fast and accurate toxicity assessments of freshwater, seawater and sediments. Our objective is to make complex processes more predictable and reliable through constant innovation and service.
Mission and vision-
Assure that water is safe for its intended use via assessment technologies that reduce the time, cost and complexity of water
To make clean water safer faster

In short, Bryan got his hands on some military tech that was released and he built QwikLite®200 Biosensor System.( Which uses plankton (no not from sponge bob) called bioluminescence. This type of plankton glows. when there isn’t toxins in the water they glow very very bright. How ever if the water has toxins then very little light. Using this plankton Bryan created a test system that provides fast, quantifiable results at a fraction of the cost of traditional biological tests. The old system to do the biological test used to take days/weeks. Bryan’s Qwiklite Biosensor kit does whole test in a few hours while you’re still on the ship. He created the push easy button for biological test.
After this presentation we got some of our own plankton to take home super cool.