Industry Leaders Gather at 3rd Ballast Water Management Summit, Long Beach (Feb 9, 2016)

Long Beach, California, February 9, 2016 – Beginning today, and continuing through February 11th, attendees to the 3rd Ballast Water Management Summit will have the opportunity to get the latest information on the status of the ballast water industry. It’s a crucial time for ship owners now that the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Ballast Water Management Convention is nearing entry into force, and as the US Coast Guard continues to implement its guidelines and type-approvals. Members from the World Shipping Council, the USCG, several ballast water treatment companies, and naval architect/retrofitting companies will be addressing the key issues and concerns. The USCG will present, as will the US EPA, and representatives from shipping associations and ownership groups will state their opinions in either panel or individual presentations.
Closing out the three-day meeting, Assure Controls will moderate the panel entitled “Doing Your Best in a Climate of Change: Proper BWTS, Best Practices, and a Knowledgeable Crew”. In the panel, CEO Bryan Bjorndal will summarize points made throughout the prior sessions of the Summit, and will ask panelists representing Class Society, a BW Compliance Consultant, and a BW scientific test expert to comment and share insights about how implementation on ships is a combination of new equipment, new operational practices, and new documentation.
The intention of the panel is to ensure audience members learn that compliance with BW regulations is a process of risk mitigation of technical, operational, and financial management; all factors for vessel owners and managers to understand. In this session, the methods to evaluate the BWTS in performance to specifications, maintenance, and implications to technology selection will be discussed.

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